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Only minors 15 and below need consent letters. Complicated by: Anonymous Question: My ex in-laws want to take my 2 grandsons 8 and 12 to Canada for a vacation. Now MY parents are raising the boys but do not have legal custody. My daughter gave them to my parents temporarily. They do have a legal agreement.

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My daughter their mother is in another state and their father is incarcerated and they have no contact with him in any way, never really have but he is on the birth certificate. What needs to be done so they can go with their great grandparents?

Niagara Falls City - Clerk

Is their birth certificate and custody papers enough? Answer: The children can enter Canada and get back to the United States via car or sea craft using only their birth certificates. However, if they will be traveling by air, they would need passport books. A signed consent to travel from the mother stating that the great grandparents are authorized to travel with the children are also highly recommended. Please contact the Canada Border Service Agency for more information regarding the consent. Do I need anything else or will that be sufficient? Your niece should not have issues crossing the border to Canada and back by land or sea.

Take our child's friend to Canada by: Anonymous Question: We are thinking of taking a trip to Niagara Falls in a couple months and wanted to take a friend of our 8-year-old son. He does not have a passport. Will his birth certificate and a notarized letter from both is parents be sufficient?

Will we run into any problems? Answer: You should not have problems taking your child's friend to Canada since you have the required documents.

Know the ins and out of crossing the border | Niagara Falls Canada

However, in the event that you need to travel back to the United States by air, the child will need a passport book. Child passport information by: Simran Question: Hello, this June we are planning a cruise that requires us to fly in to Canada and board the ship in Vancouver. We hope to take our 9 year old grand son with us but he does not have a passport. Does he need a passport to fly in for the purpose of only boarding the cruise line. Answer: Yes, all U. You have enough time to apply for the child's passport.

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Routine service takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. You may schedule an appointment at a post office location and submit the application in person. Question by: Anonymous Question: I have my passport but my girl and daughter don't have theirs. Only I and my son have passports but we are all U. Do they actually need to get a passport? My daughter is turning 3 in March 28th were planning to go to Canada in a few weeks.

I need answers, thanks. Answer: Minors age 15 and under may enter Canada and re-enter the United States using a birth certificate. Citizens age 16 and older need a passport book if traveling by air. We will not have time to get a passport. Will a birth certificate and Level 1 drivers license be enough? Answer: All U. For land and sea travel, only minors age 15 and under are allowed to enter and get back in the United States with a state-issued birth certificate. Since your son is already 16, he can enter Canada with his birth certificate but will need a WHTI-compliant to re-enter the U.

Customs and Border Protection for more information. What will they need to enter Canada and return to the US. We are all U. Can they do this with just a Birth Certificate? Or what documents do I need to get for them? Answer: As minors, they will be able to enter Canada and return to the U. You and your husband must provide the grandparents with a notarized statement for consent to travel for both kids.

The consent must be accompanied with a photocopies of your IDs. Newborn travel by: Anonymous Question: My daughter is 3 days old; we have a wedding to go to in Canada in 18 days. I will not have her birth certificate by then. What else could I use to cross the boarder into Canada and then return back to the U. My husband and I are U. Answer: Minors age 15 and under are required to a present at least a birth certificate as evidence of U.

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Customs and Border Protection for advice. Her U. Her passport expires 9 days after our return to the U. Will it be a problem entering Canada? I will provide her birth certificate and consent letter from my husband. Answer: You and your daughter may travel to Canada and re-enter the United States without issues as long as your passports are valid. Your passports do not have to have at least 6 months.

My daughter's 10 years old passport does not meet the 6-month validity requirement. It expires 4 days after we return.

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Would this cause issues for re-entry into the U. What other documentation should I take? Flying to Canada by: Anonymous Question: I'm flying to Canada from the United States with my 3-yearold daughter for a family emergency. Does she need a passport? Answer: While your daughter may enter Canada with just proof of U.

It is wise to apply for your child's passport before your trip. You may apply for expedited seevice at a regional passport agency to get the passport in as fast as the same day. Alaska to lower Neither of my parents will be with me, but another 17 year old friend will be. Answer: At 17, you do not need to present s statement of consent to travel from your parents. You may enter Canada with just an ID and evidence of U. However, in order to re-enter the United States via a land border, you need to present a passport book, passport card or any WHTI-compliant document. Travel by: Sandra P. Question: Hello, I have a 4-month-old daughter.

I would like to know what kind of documents I would need to bring with me for her. Answer: Hello, Sandra.

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Minors age 15 and below may enter Canada with just their birth certificates as proof of U. However, if you are traveling by air, you will need a passport book for your daughter in order to board the aircraft back to the United States. Can I use a birth certificate and the copy of my passport to pass the USA border?

Answer: U. While you will not be denied entry at the border, you may face delays while border officials verify your U.